Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP)

EDP is designed to accelerate entrepreneurship where ideas will be guided by experts from different domain. This program will facilitate entrepreneurs in odd times with experts’ insight and best practiced management consulting. We offer start up mentoring session in the field of business set up, accounting and book keeping, legal, tax and management aspects. We provide following services to our clients.

Start up to scale up

Growing a business can be demanding and exhilarating. The challenges are enormous, from identifying the proposition to choosing a team, and ensuring a resilient and efficient operating model. As the business gains ground, new issues emerge. We can help our clients identify and manage the issues that arise in entrepreneurial start-ups. Whatever our clients’ sector, scale or strategy is, we have experience and expertise that is relevant to turn ambition into success.

Network Building

Growth is an essential ingredient to continues business success. While most businesses can achieve growth organically, it requires considerable time and effort. In order to grow sustainably, entrepreneurial businesses must consider all of their market opportunities including network building. We support our clients in building networks. We assist in office closures and entity liquidations.

Mentoring startups to form strong management system

At the initial phase of business, it may not be possible for an entrepreneur to manage all the systems in place to meet operational efficiency. A team of professionals is required in which we can bridge the gap by providing strong support in forming strong management team.

Advise on financial and tax aspects

Our coverage on financial aspects provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to many industries, and our services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs. We combine a strong understanding of our clients’ business and economic environments with specialized tax knowledge. Tax laws becoming increasingly complex and tax planning more controversial, we help our clients in many folds.

Tailored consulting for startup operations

Each business has its own peculiar characteristics. Understanding each business, the expectations of their clients, and catering to their needs is what we offer for startup operations.