In today’s global economic environment, Financial Reporting Standards has become a business need. We ensure proper implementation and reporting of International and Country Specific Financial Reporting Standards/ Accounting Standards.

Foreign Investment and business incorporation

Foreign investments generally include equity investment and loan investment. We offer services from structuring of foreign investment, incorporation of local venture, advising on compliance issues along with suitable exit strategies.

Corporate Management and Transactional Documentation

Ensuring timely and accurate compliance is an absolute requirement for any organization. We support to our clients in complying with all the corporate compliance requirements. Not only we help our clients with day-to-day legal secretarial document management we also support them to adopt a more strategic and consistent approach across their business.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

With the changing business modality across the globe, reporting in common language is pre-requisite for the investors to make their firm decisions. To cope with International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), local accounting/reporting standards are to be adopted /converted accordingly. We provide wide range of services of conversion/adoption in full compliance with the requirement of IFRS from our imminent experts.

Country Specific Financial Reporting Standards

Apart from IFRS, we also provide supports on country specific local accounting / reporting standards.